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  • Inshallah cd released

    Inshallah sings: Songs of faith from around the world is the first CD of the global music singers called Inshallah. Under the direction of Debbie Lou Ludolph, the director of the Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, Inshallah sings primarily congregational song rather than choral performance repertoire, and is now in its third season. Enjoy these diverse songs, the joy and lament of God’s people all over the globe,  by singing along with Inshallah on the cd. $15.  or 2 for $25.  Available at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary,, 519-884-0710.

    Inshallah sings: Songs of faith from around the world

    For a taste of Inshallah’s music, check out Inshallah on Youtube (from the Montreal tour) by typing in Inshallah choir OR  click Inshallah on Youtube

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  • Bishop Younan sermon from Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

    The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity resources were produced by the churches in Jerusalem this year. Here is Bishop Munib Younan’s sermon from last week: an inspiring call to work together towards unity. The Rt. Rev. Bishop Munib A. Younan is Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Jordan and the Holy Land (ELCJHL).  Sermon: Bishop Munib Younan Jan 2011

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  • Liturgy based on Sermon on the Mount

    Here is another interesting resource. A service based on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. Includes prayers, scripture readings and lyrics set to familiar hymn tunes. This would be appropriate for early February worship services.

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  • Eucharistic Prayer for Epiphany 4, Year A

    The Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary offers this eucharistic prayer to the wider community. The prayer is crafted by Rev Dr Allen Jorgenson based on the texts for Epiphany 4, year A (Micah 6:1-8, 1 Cor 1:18 – 31, Matthew 5:1 – 12).    Eucharistic Prayer, Epiphany 4

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  • On the ninth day of Christmas…

    On the ninth day of Christmas, Debbie Lou updated her synod page!

    Here you will find:

    1. Synod Prayer Rota for the Church Year under RESOURCES.  Thanks to Don Nevile.

    2. Suggested worship resources for Epiphany.  Thanks to Sara Faulhafer.

    3. Invitation to Liturgy Talk. Thanks to Don Nevile.

    4.  Songs for Worship: alternative/contemporary songs by Lutheran singer-songwriters. Thanks to Anne Anderson.

    5. Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song events for Winter 2011

    6. 20 New Year’s Resolutions for the Church Musician

    7. Article from Alban Institute on a Conversational Model for Worship Planning

    Peace to you and joy in your worship planning!

    debbie lou

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  • Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song: Winter 2011

    The Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song will offer conversations, workshops and worship services throughout the winter that celebrate and contemplate worship praxis in our particular time and place. We hope you will be able to join us or catch something of what we are doing and learning via a podcast.    For details, click here  Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song

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  • Epiphany Season Worship Resources

    In this post, Pastor Sara Faulhafer, Bethany Lutheran Church, Woodstock, Ontario  gathers up resources that are available on the web for use in worship planning throughout the Epiphany season.  Look for her next post in February as you prepare for Lent.

    The Advent wreath and Christmas tree are tucked away for another season, the carols have been all sung and everyone is back to their regular routines. Now what?

    Although the period after Advent and Christmas may feel like a let-down, the rhythms of liturgical worship can carry you and community. January and February worship services can be a time to explore the themes of:  revelation, our call as baptized Christians to minister with our particular gifts, and our role as a faith community in creating and peace and light to all the world.

    The Season of Epiphany begins on January 6th and lasts until Ash Wednesday on March 9th. Alternatively known as part of the Ordinary Season, coming from “ordinal” meaning ordering and counting time. Significant liturgical celebrations are Epiphany and Baptism of our Lord. Ecumenically during this time, many churches celebrate The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, January 18-25 and a newer commeration, World Interfaith Harmony Week, the first week of February.

    We are beginning a new calendar year and we are still at the threshold of a new liturgical year.What will you do as a faith community to mark these next weeks? How can you use this time leading up to Lent?

    See how some congregations incorporate art into their space: Visual Arts in Epiphany

    For more worship planning suggestions, including liturgical elements, hymns and worship space, explore January 2011 Worship Resources

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  • The holy work of worship planning

    I am half-way through my second year as the Dean of Keffer Chapel at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary and one hope I have is that we, at the seminary,  can learn more of what it means to craft worship together as a team.  Here is an excellent article published by the Alban Institute that I think puts some good words around what I have found helpful when planning Assembly or LutherHostel worship. You will be able to read it by clicking here  Worship Planning . Adapted from Encounters with the Holy: A Conversational Model for Worship Planning by Barbara Day Miller (Alban Institute, 2010), this article gives a precis of the model of worship planning she proposes: planning (brainstorming together based on the texts), ordering (within the framework of the pattern for worship), worshipping,  and reflecting after the service.  The author suggests that “the planning and preparation are themselves opportunities to experience the Holy, to see God’s Spirit at work in us”, and if you have worked on creative worship teams, you will know this.  She also says, “the process itself is not always easy. It is, however, deeply rewarding, exciting, and life-giving.”  I would concur.  Take a look at the model she offers; perhaps you already use a variation of this on a regular basis or for special services. Worship teams are also one way to nurture spirited discipleship and welcome diversity.

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  • Songs for Worship

    SONGS FOR WORSHIP: Lutheran Songs Today “is the first unified resource (piano/guitar/vocal sheetmuisc, music CD, lectionary and scripture worship guidance) of alternative songs for worship by Lutheran singer-songwriters” reads the promotional material. Pastor Anne Anderson of Trinity New Hamburg, who leads the Sanctuary worship service, recommends it to you.  For more information go to Lutheran Songs Today .

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  • 20 New Year’s Resolutions for the Church Musician

    From Lucy Graham’s blog called “Spirited and Singing” comes this invitation to sing a little more in the new year!

    20 (New Year) Resolutions for the Church Musician

    Most New Years come and go before I’ve made a decent resolution. This year I am determined to be better prepared. Here is a list of suggestions you might like to run past your faith commmunity, family, actual friends and facebook friends. They are not limited to the institutional church, but extend into everyday.

    1. Sing to a child
    2. Listen attentively to a child singing
    3. Invite everyone you know around for a singalong (just for the fun of it.)
    4. Have a fundraising drive to boost the music budget
    5. Clean out the music cupboard
    6. Buy a new contemporary music source
    7. Book a course to extend your skills
    8. Recruit a new member to the church band or choir
    9. Say “well done you” to another muso
    10. Use an instrument you haven’t tried before (harmonica, tin whistle, banjo, recorder)
    11. Delegate… and trust it will be done.
    12. Don’t look so busy – leave the packing up until later
    13. Sing in places other than the shower, just because.
    14. Invite an older person (than you) to play their instrument in worship.

    15. Organise an event where instrumentalists of all ages can strut their stuff.
    16 Buy a really great drum (toms, djembe, bohran are all great choices)
    17. Learn how to drum properly
    18. Have a massage, light an aromatherapy candle, breathe deeply.
    19. Learn about and listen to a style of music you don’t like
    20.Sing an really ancient hymn unaccompanied all the way through.
    What is your musical resolution for 2011?

    To find out more about Lucy Graham  and to find weekly song, hymn and recorded music suggestions and resources for worship  based on the Revised Common Lectionary, go to Suggestions are posted on Wednesday nights, usually a few weeks in advance of each Sunday.

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