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  • Kairos Preaching: Interview with David Schnasa Jacobsen

    The Academy of Homiletics has posted a podcast interview with Waterloo Lutheran Seminary  Professor David Schnasa Jacobsen about his new book,Kairos Preaching:  Speaking Gospel to the Situation (Minneapolis:  Fortress, 2009), which he co-wrote with Prof. Robert Kelly.  You can view the podcast here: Kairos Preaching .

    The book was developed out of a class that Jacobsen and Kelly taught together at WLS, “Congregational Preaching.”  Prof. Jacobsen says, “The book is about preaching the gospel in those situations where something must be said:  crises, funerals, social injustice, etc.  How do we name the gospel when a situation like that arises in the parish?”  The podcast will be available at the Academy of Homiletics website for the next few weeks. Their book is available from Augsburg Fortress.

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  • Calvin Institute for Christian Worship: Symposium

    The Calvin Institute for Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, Michigan hosts an annual symposium in January which is attended by worship leaders from around the world.  This year’s theme is “Every Time I Remember You” (Philippians 1:3) and like other years is designed to be an opportunity for “fellowship, worship, and learning.”   The conference runs from January 27 – 29, 2011. For more information visit Calvin Institute Worship Symposium .

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  • Year A worship planning guides now available

    Sundays & Seasons 2011, Year A is now available from Augsburg Fortress.  This worship planning resource presents the propers, prayers, introductions to the day, alternative worship texts, ideas for the day, worship helps, and suggestions for involving children in worship. Included are week-by-week hymn suggestions, as well as lists of worship music for adult and children’s choirs, keyboard, handbell choirs and praise ensembles.

    A CD-ROM version, called Words for Worship 2011, Year A, contains texts and graphical files with content from Evangelical Lutheran Worship. It also includes week-to-week elements from Lectionary for Worship Year A, Revised Common Lectionary; Sundays and Seasons 2011; and the Psalter for Worship Year A.

    Words for Worship 2011 includes week-to-week elements from Lectionary for Worship Year A; Revised Common Lectionary; Sundays and Seasons 2011Psalter for Worship Year A, Evangelical Lutheran Worship Edition; and Revised Common Lectionary Daily Readings. On the single CD-ROM inside you’ll find:

    • a User Guide (in a printable pdf format)
    • biblical lectionary texts linked to the appropriate Sunday, weekday, or festival
    • Evangelical Lutheran Worship psalms, psalm tones, and refrains (melody lines only)
    • seasonal liturgical texts, including prayers of intercession
    • other seasonal materials to enhance worship
    • weekly reflections based on the gospel reading
    • calendar of festivals and commemorations with brief descriptions of those commemorated
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  • Open Spirit hymn competition

    The ELCIC and the ACC are seeking to encourage and cultivate the creativity of authors and composers among us.  The contest is open to all members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church In Canada and Anglican Church of Canada.  Entries may consist of

    • Original music with original text

    • Original texts set to existing music

    • Original music for an existing text

    For more information, visit .

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  • New offertory song introduced at National Worship Conference

    Jesus invites us to feast is an offering song by Tricia Coldren, pastoral liturgist at St Mark’s (Kitsilano) Anglican Church in Vancouver.  She generously offers it to be used to the glory of God.

    Tricia led morning prayer on Wednesday at the ELCIC/ACC National Worship Conference in July and included this offering song. She taught it in 2 parts, the soprano melody line and the bass line, and as marked, sang it with energy.  She used her hands to indicate pitches rising and falling as she taught us.  Once the two parts had been learned, we sang it several times together (no piano or other instruments). Tricia has learned much about congregational song and worship from the workshops offered by St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal community in San Francisco.

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  • Psalm text set to Québécois tune by Matthew Anderson

    Psalm 103, set to a Québécois tune by Matthew Anderson, pastor of the Eastern Synod in Montreal, as a gift to the Kanata Centre for Worship and Global Song, was first introduced by Waterloo Lutheran Seminary global music choir Inshallah at St John’s Lutheran Church, Montreal, in April, and then at LutherHostel in June. Find the music and lyrics, as well as an excerpt by Inshallah, of  Generations Tell Each Other at , the ELCIC/ACC site for original congregational music and lyrics.  And then you’ll need to find the congregation member who wants to play the spoons!! Enjoy!

    Bless the Lord all that is in me, slow to anger, steadfast love;

    Generations tell each other: love and mercy from above.

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  • Worship Renewal Grants

    The Worship Renewal Grants Program of the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship fosters well-grounded worship renewal in congregations and worshiping communities throughout North America. Made possible through the generous support of Lilly Endowment Inc., these grants serve to stimulate thoughtful and energetic work for worship that exhibits renewed creativity, theological integrity, and relevance.

    Grants are awarded once a year.  Proposals for 2011 will be accepted between December 1, 2010 and January 11, 2011.  They note, “While we are interested in receiving a wide range of proposals, we are especially interested in projects related to intergenerational worship practices and projects related to the Psalms.”

    It’s not too early to begin planning and writing a proposal if you have a project in mind!  More information.

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  • EvLW: Liturgies audio, volume 3

    Evangelical Lutheran Worship Liturgies Audio Edition, Volume 3
    The first two volumes in this set presented recordings of several of the holy communion settings in Evangelical Lutheran Worship. This third volume completes those recordings, with Holy Communion Settings Three, Four, Nine, and Ten, as well as the three principle daily prayer settings, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Night Prayer. Useful for getting acquainted with the liturgical music in this worship resource, these recordings are professionally produced and follow the music as printed in the accompaniment volume. 978-1-4514-0117-2. $16.98

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  • EvLW: Choral Stanzas

    Choral Stanzas for Hymns
    This resource is being published in two volumes. Volume One, The Church Year, is now available. The second volume will be published in early 2011. The first volume includes stanzas of 81 hymns from Evangelical Lutheran Worship (and many other current hymnals), treating the sections from Advent (#239) through Holy Communion (#502). For each hymn that is included, one stanza has been selected for choral treatment by a gifted composer. Intended for use within the assembly’s singing of the hymn, the settings vary from unison to four part, unaccompanied to keyboard and obbligato instrument. All settings are fully reproducible. 978-0-8066-9841-0. $59.95

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  • Space, Art, Image…..and worship

    Here are some sites that I have added to the links for those of you who are interested to connect with people who are thinking about faith and art and worship and space.

    • For many years I have used the devotional book Sacred Journeys by Jan Richardson and recently I found her website where she offers paintings and reflections on the lectionary readings. Check out Jan Richardson: The Painted Prayerbook.
    • When we were at St Mark’s in Kitchener in the 90s, Richard Caemmerer came to visit and told us of the Grünewald Guild — check out what they are doing at  The Grünewald Guild .
    • For a full listing of visual arts links, go to Lift Up Your Hearts , and search under Visual Arts Links.

    What might the artists and painters and potters in your congregation do to enliven worship in your place? What as a synod might we do to nurture the artists in our midst and to hear what God is revealing through art?

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