Prayer Cycles and Prayer Days

  • As we continue in this new church year and begin a new calendar year, there are a variety of prayer cycles that are available for our use, to help us pray consciously and consistently for our neighbours locally and around the world.  As well, there are two important ecumenical dates that encourage us to pray with each other and to strive for unity.

    How do you encourage prayer for others in your own community?  What other resources do you use?  Let me know and I will be happy to share these resources with others.

    From the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada and the Anglican Church in Canada we have the Anglican Lutheran Prayer Cycle

    From the World Council of Churches website: The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle enables us to journey in prayer through every region of the world and through every week of the year affirming our solidarity with Christians all over the world, brothers and sisters living in diverse situations, experiencing diverse problems and sharing diverse gifts. Lord, hear our prayer …

    Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

    Dates:  January 18 – 25, 2018

    Theme:  “Your right hand O Lord, glorious in power”

    There are both International resources from the World Council of Churches and resources from the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Canada (WPCU in Canada)

    Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – World Council of Churches

    Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Canada

    World Day of Prayer

    The World Day of Prayer is normally celebrated on the first Friday of March (March 2 in 2018).  This year, the service is prepared by the people of Suriname, under the theme, “All God’s Creation is Very Good!”  See the following links for more information.

    World Day of Prayer – International

    World Day of Prayer – Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada

    Blessings as we continue to pray with and for each other and our neighbours both near and far.

    Kathryn Smith

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