Camp Edgewood Fundraising Update from St. James, New Dundee

A few months ago, Kelly, a member of St. James and I had a brief conversation while shaking hands at the back of church about Edgewood and the financial burdens that Edgewood was facing and Kelly’s first reaction was “We should do a fundraiser”.  Those five words lifted my spirit exponentially and within an hour a plan was already being hatched.  Kelly called me and asked me how much Edgewood needed and I said right now - $10,000.00 would solve a lot of problems to which she responded – okay – that’s our goal. 

After I choked down my initial response of doubt at such a lofty goal, we were off and running. 

Kelly formed a small team to help out and of course the youth of our church were always ready to lend a hand to help Edgewood, their sacred place.

Three events were held and Faithlife Financial was a part of all three events.  They provided matching grants for two of them and they were present during our third event as we are also currently raising funds to support our accessibility efforts.  Thanks so much to Faithlife Financial for being a part of this effort.

The youth and the fundraising team hosted an Easter breakfast for the church community.  Our second event happened during the big May 24th New Dundee Celebration Weekend where we hosted a BBQ to feed the many visitors to our town. 

Our third and biggest event happened on Father’s Day when Kelly invited four churches to her backyard as well as many community people for worship service followed by a silent auction and some fun and games.  It was a brilliant success.  There was such a good feeling, a real celebration. 

The Women’s Institute of New Dundee, one of the largest in Ontario, donated tons of food including Annie Cober’s homemade butter tarts and many other tasty treats made with love and caring hands.  Individual people donated food – one woman donated 15 pies (do you know how much work that is?)

People kept bringing in silent auction items and we ended up with over 70 items including artwork by Jan Cressman-Weiss and Robert Taylor.

The bidding came to a frenzy when we live auctioned of a large arbor bench made by a church member Brad Habel.  It was a beautiful piece of outdoor artwork and it was our big ticket item raising $700.00. 

People were not afraid to give.  One person came and said – “I brought my money and my cheque book and I am an Edgewood supporter so let’s go”.   In one day we raised over $5,500.00.

The whole community really supported this event.  You made a real difference to Edgewood and the many kids who use Edgewood.

Right now we are just shy of the $10,000.00 goal, however, the money is still coming in and I forgot to mention that Kelly came up with an idea for an easy, 100% profit way for other churches to do a small fundraiser.  We photocopied small flags that would allow people in congregations to make a $2.00 or $5.00 donation and put their name on a flag to support Edgewood that could be placed prominently around churches for people to see. We handed out enough of those flags to raise another $2,000.00.  If you are interested in using this fundraiser in your congregation, just email me at and I can email a soft copy of the flags.

Kelly and her team are responsible for MORE THAN $10,000.00 OF DONATIONS TO EDGEWOOD!!! 

They have reached half of the target for the $22,000.00 needed by August 1st for Edgewood.  What a great job – I couldn’t be more honored to call you family – sisters and brothers in Christ working together to further the gospel.

Pastor Bonnie Schelter-Brown


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