Making The Most of Your Time

September is one of those special months of the year when it seems like the whole world is in transition. Everyone seems to be shifting from summer to fall schedules. People are engaged in the realities of “getting back to business”, whatever that may be. Many of us use this month to re-schedule and re-order our lives for the fall. September is often the month in which we make new plans and new commitments. This is when we decide how we are going to use our time and, hopefully, make the most of it.
   If you are like many people, you are dealing with people and organizations who are asking you to commit a certain amount of your time to them and their programs. If you have children in your home then you are undoubtedly discovering how much of their time and yours may be devoted to hockey or swimming or dance or music lessons. If you are involved in the life of the larger community then you will be trying to organize your spare time around meetings of the groups to which you belong. And, of course, there is always work. For some reason work often seems to become more demanding this time of year as well.
   Now, at this point, you are probably expecting me to launch into talking about how much of your time you decide to give to the ministry of your congregation. I must admit, it’s very tempting to do just that. But that’s not quite where I intend to go.
   Instead, I want to challenge you to consider how much of your time and energy you will invest in the work of intentionally honouring God. There are, of course, always those unplanned moments when we have the opportunity to honour God and share our faith in spontaneous ways. It is a blessing in life to seize such opportunities that are offered us.
   What I am thinking here, however, are the times that we intentionally plan into our busy schedules, when we will honour and thank our Creator for the gifts of life and love that we have freely received from our generous God.
   Yes, Sunday morning worship is an example of what I am talking about. While it is a very good way of scheduling your time to honour God into your life it is certainly not the only way. What about volunteering some of your time working with a local agency that serves the vulnerable in your community, programs that care for children, youth, seniors and people in between? If political advocacy is your thing, especially on behalf of those with great need but no voice, can you do that? Is there a ministry in your congregation that needs your time and gifts?
   As you go about the task of organizing your life, this fall, take a few moments to decide how you will purposefully make time to seek out God’s presence, to honour and include God in your plans so that you can make the most of your time.

Happy planning!

Rev. Douglas Reble