Lent Prayer Cards at Trinity

Out in front of Trinity Lutheran Church, Windsor, we have two big, beautiful  evergreen bushes. This season of Lent they were put to good use!

      For many years now, the congregation of Trinity has supported various charitable organizations in the city. We have supplied needed necessities for Hiatus House (a safe refuge for moms and children), StreetHelp (a drop-in centre for the homeless), the Downtown Mission (a local food bank), the Windsor Youth Centre (helping displaced youth), the Well-come Centre (giving new arrivals a helping start), and the Unemployed Help Centre to name a few. Our congregation has always been very supportive of suggestions to help, welcoming the opportunity to outreach into the community, both locally and through the efforts of Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

      For the season of Lent this year, our Worship and Music committee decided to reach out to our community in a different way. We printed cards with helpful, comforting Bible verses, wrote prayers to go with them, and stuck them to the bushes (you can see some in the picture beneath the snow). Also included in a waterproof baggy was a piece of paper with our contact information, and a blank side inviting prayer requests be left in our mailbox.

      To make it all work we put a message on the church sign inviting passersby to help themselves to a message. We refilled the bushes with messages through the season of Lent.

      While it might be hard to measure the impact of outreach like this, over the season most of the messages we printed were taken, putting the word of God and a comforting message in peoples hands and, hopefully, hearts as well. Hopefully we can do this again next year, perhaps in Advent as well as Lent.