Thank You

Dear Sisters and brothers in Christ,

In 2014 you and the other members and congregations of the Eastern Synod donated a total of approximately $1,450,000 in undesignated benevolence offerings.  This money not only finances the ministries of the Eastern Synod, but it provides our contribution to the ELCIC national office and Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. 

On behalf of the Eastern Synod, I want to thank you for your contributions to the mission of the wider church through your benevolence offerings.  I know that you donated this money out of love:  love of God, love of your church, and love of your neighbour.  All of us engaged in these ministries on your behalf offer our heart-felt gratitude for your generosity.

You should know that your offerings provide direct support of ministries that answer our call to be a synod “In Mission for Others”.  Synod office expenses such as supplies, maintenance, insurance, utilities, equipment, etc. have already been paid for by income that the synod earns each year on investments.  Funds that are invested today were generously donated by our parents and grandparents many years ago.  As a result of their gifts, we are able to apply your gifts to supporting congregations, nurturing leaders and pursuing compassionate justice. 

Over the coming months you will see material — on paper and in electronic form —that explain the work my colleagues and I do on your behalf.   We hope that you will have a greater understanding of our mission and continue to support both your congregation and the wider church with generous giving in 2015. 

May God bless your life and ministry in the days to come.